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    is a virtual space where Liyana Aris documents her evolving modest personal style, which is based on the art of looking casually stylish while still remaining modest and doing it all on a budget; about 93% of her closet are filled with affordable things. (PS: The remaining 7% has a lot to do with her secret addiction to Adidas shoes and her occasional splurges on discounted high-end bags and clutches, shhh.) [+]
    30.3.13 .

    This was a 100% inspired by Disneyland Paris' Planet Hollywood's teriyaki salmon, so credit goes to them.

    Warning: this is NOT the actual recipe. Of course not.

    You will like this meal if you're a big salmon fan (like Shah and i) and have no problem with the taste of teriyaki sauce and can eat non-flavoured veggies without gagging.

    I won't say it's super duper healthy as the sauce does contain colourants and acidifiers, but in terms of lazy and healthy, this beats mac 'n cheese any day, doesn't it?

    How to make this lazy yet delicious meal:

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    30.3.13 .

    This was a 100% inspired by Disneyland Paris' Planet Hollywood's teriyaki salmon, so credit goes to them.

    Warning: this is NOT the actual recipe. Of course not.

    You will like this meal if you're a big salmon fan (like Shah and i) and have no problem with the taste of teriyaki sauce and can eat non-flavoured veggies without gagging.

    I won't say it's super duper healthy as the sauce does contain colourants and acidifiers, but in terms of lazy and healthy, this beats mac 'n cheese any day, doesn't it?

    How to make this lazy yet delicious meal:

    28.3.13 .

    First of all, i find the gold tube quite attractive for a pharmacy/pharmacie/drugstore product.

    At the base of the tube is written 'Roseto Milano Red 9 Ipoallergenico SPF 15'; being hypoallergenic and containing SPF are always a big plus in makeup.

    Now let's move on the the colour. How exactly gorgeous is this colour? Seriously?

    I would say it's a very bright reddish pink. Maybe 60% pink and 40% red, something like that. I almost typed "57% red and 43% red", simply because i love odd numbers. But the colour is relative, really, you are free to call it pinkish red if that's what you see.

    The Deborah Milano logo indentation on the lipstick makes it even prettier.

    On the website, it says that this lipstick "boasts a ground breaking formula that imparts intense colour, absolute comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours*"; that '*' says they've tested it out on 30 different women.

    The lipstick also "Contains colour- and shine- enhancing Ruby dust, MILANORED leaves lips with a gorgeously gleaming finish."

    I don't completely agree with the "imparts intense colour"; i was expecting a colour that would be this crazy-intense-neon reddish pink, which it isn't. The colour will still appear reddish pink, but the intensity won't be anywhere as near as what i see in the tube. Its pigmentation is also not strong enough to cover my pigmented lips.

    I still love my Milano Red shade 9 nonetheless. Now that i've gotten used to the lipstick, all i need is a good nude lip liner to colour in my entire lips before i put this on.

    The colour looks pretty bright, but it isn't too bright that it cannot be paired with smokey eyes, which is why i absolutely adore this lipstick. I'm trying to wear more bright colours this year but as the makeup rule goes, either strong eyes or strong lips only. This verges on strong lips but i can't explain it, it just works with smokey eyes, and i could even wear purple eyeshadow with this lip colour and not look overdone.

    If such a thing as a nude version of red-pink lipstick exists, this is it. I don't even know if that makes sense though.

    This lipstick feels hydrating on too, so it's perfect for my occasional super dry lips. The finish is almost shiny, true to their "gorgeously gleaming finish" promise.

    It supposedly "includes a Hyaluronic Acid based "filler" that leaves lips softer and visibly "replumped""; i can't confirm that your lips will indeed be "replumped", as i don't see any difference in the size of my lips when i have it on.

    I had this on when i went for the Old Traffod Stadium Tour, pairing it with slightly smokey burgundy eyeshadow.

    The lipstick paired with zero other makeup:

    If i ever finish this lipstick, and i get the chance to do so—this brand is only available in Europe if i'm not mistaken—i would definitely repurchase.
    27.3.13 .

    After visiting England, i made the vow to try more halal restaurants in Paris. It makes perfect sense to start this quest with French food, non?

    It's easy to find halal restaurants in Paris online; just turn to Google. Good thing Shah decided to call our first choice of restaurant to ask if they indeed serve halal food, and it turned out, no, they don't. So either they were halal then changed their mind or they were never halal to begin with and someone mistakenly listed them down in the list of halal restaurants. So yes, save energy and time by calling any restaurant beforehand.

    It was to La Palmaraie we went instead.

    Whom we did call and got the halal status confirmation, bien sûr.

    25.3.13 .

    I came to Paris with one little bag full of products, plus my brushes kit and three separate palettes of eyeshadows (i simply couldn't bear leaving my glorious The Balm palettes!); click on What Makeup To Bring To Paris and you can see what i came to Paris with.

    After about five months here (minus the one month i went back to Malaysia in December) and a trip to England (you know, where Sleek is available), my makeup collection has understandably and expectedly expand. But not having a space or bags to store them in was driving me nuts. Our apartment here consist of a floor-to-ceiling closet in the bedroom with huge shelves and absolutely no drawer. The top shelf is too high up and the bottom of the bottom shelf is the carpeted floor and is way too high to store anything practically other than our luggage. The remaining shelves in between have enough space for our clothes and things like perfumes, lotions and space to store my little makeup bags.

    In Malaysia, i store all my makeup stuff in one of those professional-sized makeup bag. I got mine from Stage, and since i am so obviously not a professional makeup artist but would love to own a bag like that, i use it for storage instead. But lugging that bag all the way to Paris would be impractical, not to mention a little pretentious.

    So i came to the decision that storing products in little bags is the best way for me for now. I don't know what to call these bags—the best term i can think of is toiletry bags, but i'm sure there is a more flattering name for them.

    Little Bag #1: Paris gift bag

    20.3.13 .

    I could just kick myself for not noting the name of the Chinese seafood restaurant Shah and i visited on our first night in London...

    When we studied in Christchurch, i loved this one Chinese restaurant called Asha. They had loads of tasty dishes, plus these amazing chillied scallops, which i dreadfully miss and can't seem to find anywhere else. But i'm sure it's because i haven't looked hard enough, that's all. (note: any delish scallops tip in Malaysia/Paris would be MUCH appreciated!)

    And yes, i realised that Malaysia is full of Chinese seafood restaurants. Malaysia is like crowded with it. Maybe i just have a thing for overseas Chinese seafood restaurants. Hmmm. I must rethink some things when i go home. Then plan visits to various Chinese restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes.

    We stayed somewhere near Queensway tube station in London. When we were lugging our bags around to reach our apartment/hotel, i noticed the word "seafood" almost the moment i exited the station, on a restaurant opposite of the station. I turned to Shah and immediately claimed, "Nak makan seafoodddddddddd!".

    Clever me didn't even take photos of the front of the restaurant. Must have been the hunger and lusting after seafood thing.

    Anyway, i have a feeling that i will find my way to this restaurant when i visit London again. The food was pretty much finger-lickin' and the service was fantasticour waitress was very, very friendly. If anyone knows the name of this delightful restaurant, please, leave a comment!

    A feast for the eyes (sadly not for the tummies anymore...but we really did enjoy our dinner that night!):

    Scallops as appetiser 
    (note: no chillied scallops on the menu, but honestly, i'd love scallops in any way really)


    Doesn't this look beautiful? I've never been more attracted to any other pasta, i must say!

    La Torre Eiffel is Italian for Eiffel Tower, of course!


    Overall, i didn't have much time dedicated to shopping on my England trip, which is of course a good thing. I got everything i wanted and more really!

    As much as i love Paris, i do think London is a more fun place to be in. Paris is definitely for the romantic, whereas London is the place to get crazy in. I could never appreciate French cuisine, so in terms of food, London wins it for me. Shah and i stayed near Malaysian Hall without us not knowing it when we booked our tiny teeny apartment (we didn't know it was tiny teeny either), and the area around there is supposedly known for its many restaurants. We definitely indulged in food during dinner, taking in as much Chinese, Thai and Malaysian food as we could.

    I visited Selfridges on the very first night. The one in Oxford Street beautifully stood out among the many stores there; it looks very Parisian chic, i think! I would've liked to have gotten something, any little something even, from Selfridges (like that's big news) but ah well. Next time maybe?

    Shah and i had booked places for Matilda the Muscial, but i very conveniently forgot to pack anything nice to wear to it (teehee), so we made a pit stop in H&M and i got myself a red top. I only had my big bad Timberlands with me on this trip so i thought it would be nice to get proper girly shoes to go with the red top.   To my delight, a pair of orange-red heels twinkled at me, hanging at the very top of the shoe section.

    How cute are these? Seriously?

    16.3.13 .

    The shops that i was most excited to visit in England were Boots, Superdrug (both for makeup stuff), Primark (for their ridiculously cheap clothes and accessories) and Selfridges (because Sophie Kinsella mentioned them in the Shopaholic series).

    I had a list of makeup products to get from here that are not available in Paris and Malaysia, and they're mainly Sleek stuff. Sleek is known for their eyeshadows, so i had to get a Sleek palette. Since my 2013 Beauty Resolution is to wear more colours, the i-Divine original palette seems to be the perfect choice.

    14.3.13 .

    I had a WONDERFUL trip to Manchester and London recently! And of course, no trip for me is complete without me buying things i want but don't really ever need. I mean, i can convince myself as much as i can that, yes, i do indeed need another neutral eyeshadow palette, but we all know it's not true.

    I've taken photos of some of the things i bought, just to share with you.

    The first two products i got where actually not bought in England itself, but in the duty-free shop in Terminal 2 of Charles De Gaulle Airport. Shah and i were waiting to board our plane to Manchester when he got bored and wandered into the shop. Honest, i initially refused to follow him, i was still sleepy and just slumped in one of the cold chairs in the waiting area. Shah came back and said the shop was having sales on After Eight, which i absolutely adore. So i followed him back into the shop and picked out the largest box of After Eights i've ever seen. Then i saw a L'oreal booth, and naturally got distracted. I don't think i've seen a drugstore brand in duty-free stores. Maybe because L'oreal is a Paris brand?

    I didn't see anything i wanted from L'oreal, but i did see Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume on sale on the aisle next to L'oreal!

    It was priced at 19.90 EUR, roughly about RM 80. I had loved the scent ever since my friend Che Pah wore it when we were in late teen/early 20's (she also introduced me to Salvatore Ferragamo scents back then!). I bought myself a bottle years ago for RM 90 and finished the whole bottle, so i was stoked to own this again.


    Hello there!

    I just got back from a 10-day trip to the UK, and i didn't have the time (nor the internet!) to even check up on my blog. Now that i'm back and well-rested, i'm happy to continue updating my blog again.

    Before i left for Manchester, i went out with this look, using mainly newly-discovered Deborah Milano products.

    The eyes were very natural with a fun hint of blue on the eyes.

    I didn't take any step-by-step photos, but i'll just give the summary of what i did:

    1. I primed my face with Inglot Under Makeup Base and followed with L'oreal True Match liquid foundation in W7.
    2. Eye primer is very important for my oily lids, so this is why i treasure my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion dearly. I smeared a tiny portion of that all over the lid, as well as in between and under my lower lashes.
    3. With a flat stiff brush, i patted colour number 4 from Deborah Milano Eye Design Quad all over my lid up into my crease.

    By the way, the numberings are exactly as depicted on the palette, at the back. Colour number 4 is also known as  'Contour'.
    4. Line waterline and between lower lashes with Deborah Milano Extra Eye Pencil Waterproof in 06. The colour is a bright, fun turquoise. Then with a small angled brush, i smudged in colour number 2 (also known as 'Colour') on top of the blue liner.
    5. Powdering is a must for me, especially on my T-zone. I now pretty much only use Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 005 Silky Beige.
    6. Curl lashes and apply a coat of mascara. Here i used my all-time favourite mascara, Maybelline Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara—sadly it has been discontinued. No product was used on my brows, they were simply combed upwards.
    7. I swirled in The Balm Frat Boy Shadow/Blush along my cheekbones and into the apple of my cheeks.
    8. Lastly, for the lips, i only used Debora Milano Atomic Red Mat in 05 without any aid from lip liner, as i want the colour to stand alone, and wearing a matte lipstick on its own can also give you the stain effect, which i find nice sometimes. Of course, the colour disappears faster, but that's why you carry your lipstick around, isn't it? To get the shape right, i still needed help from a small lip brush though.


    So far i'm liking Deborah Milano's products. I can't say they're the best products out there, but no doubt, they do stand out amongst the many drugstore brands out there. I hope i get to stock up more on their products in the future, before i leave Paris.