14 February 2016

I'm SUPER stoked to be back in Tokyo.

Obviously I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward to doing some shopping but I'm really excited about the food, too! All the barbecued beefs and barbecued seafood and shabu-shabu and ramen and donburi and tempura...

[ Fitting room instructions for makeup-wearers ]

[ Eating the yummiest seafood-based ramen in Shinjuku in my last trip here ]

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  1. Omg they have face cover for those who's wearing makeup?! Baru tahu! but betul jugak kan, in case of makeup rubbing off on the clothes. Smart I guess, and interesting too. :D

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Pretty smart! Kadang-kadang shopping in Malaysia when I see makeup smudges on the baju I kesian kat the shop. Especially if the baju is white!


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