Hijab With Earrings + My Favourite Jumpsuit. Ever.

18 September 2016

I kind of thought I wouldn't ever acquire the ease of wearing earrings with hijab - or perhaps it's simply because I never tried. Then again, I haven't seen a pair of earrings that I feel I must have  in so, SO long. 
That is, until I saw these delicate long ones with triangle ends in Aldo. Now I'm afraid I might just be hooked. 
(PS: That sounds like a pun, right? If it does,  it's intended.)

Love this old super-loose jumpsuit, by the way; thinking about replicating it. I wonder if my regular tailor is up for the job...

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  1. This is beautiful Liyana!
    Simple and understated...but still oozing femininity.
    Those earrings are very sensual!
    I think long earrings show a vulnerability... there is just something about that "dripping metal" look.
    The fact you are barefoot makes these photos even more beautiful.
    I just love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Samantha. Feels like a vote of confidence coming from you! I'm looking forward to buying more earrings now to go with my hijab XO

  2. They look nice (mashaallah), both the earrings and the jumpsuit :)

    1. Thank you so much, Philippa! It feels good to know someone else approves, too =D


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