Tiered Ruffle White Shirt & Edgy Ballerina Flats | Why I Don't Love This Shirt

24 October 2017

Zara Tiered Ruffle White Shirt
Zara Tiered Ruffle White Shirt Short Front Long Back
Is it weird to say I surprised myself by bringing this white shirt with tiered ruffles home with me? It's not really "my style" but yet I felt compelled to make a space for it in my closet. And you know what? I really, really like the top.

The reason why I stopped short of using the word "love" when it comes to this short-at-the-front long-at-the-back shirt? It is so bloody hard to get rid of the wrinkles in it, MY GOODNESS, I don't think I have ever owned anything so adorable but so troublesome, ever.

Zara Tiered Ruffle White Shirt Aldo Pom Pom Bag
Zara Tiered Ruffles White Shirt Mango Ripped Jeans

    And don't get me started on how challenging it is to iron the "tail" part of the shirt and its ruffles. I guess this will be one of those things that I will have to exclusively and constantly send to the laundry shop! But the fact that it's unique with interesting details definitely make up for its refusal to be wrinkle-free.

    Yes, definitely.
    Well. Sort of.

    I think...?

    Zara Tiered Ruffle White Shirt with Short-Front Long-Back
    See the green pom pom bag with:
      Tiered Ruffles White Shirt with Short-Front Long-Back
      Zara edgy ballerina flats
      I'd gotten those ballerina flats so long ago but only came around to wearing it on this second trip to Seoul. I love the effect the striped socks created against the straps of the flats!

      Tiered Ruffle White Shirt with Short-Front Long-Back from Zara
      As you can see I went down the easy route by pairing the tiered ruffle white shirt with ripped jeans 
      but what would YOU have paired this tiered shirt with?
        Zara Tiered Ruffle White Shirt Short Front Long Back

        Wearing: Zara tiered ruffle white shirt  |  Mango ripped jeans  |  Zara ballerina flats  |  Aldo bag

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        1. I absolutely love this outfit! I always love a high low hem line, and this blouse is fantastic! Also love that cute bag and your flats are great!

          1. Thank you Nancy! I think this was only my second ever high-low top...? I'm open to buying more, as long as they're "iron-able"! =D


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