Happy International Women's Day!

8 March 2018

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ sending virtual love, hugs and kisses to every woman in every corner of the world! I am blessed to know plenty of strong women - both in real life and in social media - who are doing great things in their life. We may not all be loud activists but there is true impact in quietly empowering those around you. Try to lead by example. Always be kind and LIFT OTHER WOMEN UP WITH YOU. Be respectful to your mom and aunties and grandmothers, listen to and learn from them. Share your best clothes always with your sisters (ehem). Appreciate the good girlfriends you have. Remember the fact we’re in a privileged place in our life so that we feel the urge to help other women in less fortunate situations. Shed light on them or donate to their causes. We may have come a long way but we have a long way to go still 👭👭👯‍♂️ #sistasbeforemistas #ladiesbeforematies #matesbeforedates #bestiesbeforetesties #dollsbeforeballs #venusbeforepenis #hoesbeforebros
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  1. OMG babe, I had a laugh looking at your hashtags! I missed them when I read your message on the gram. You are hilarious LOLOLOLOLOL :D

    1. I wish I came up with those hashtags myself, but nope, I actually GOOGLED something like "female version of bros before hoes", I am not even kidding, and then this article came up that included a bunch of funny ones so I just added them as hashtags here! Gotta love them!!!


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