Sincerely hoping someone got my reference to Lana Del Ray's song in the post title here...

So ahmm I can't seem to stop wearing these jeans, but it's OK, because you guys know how hard it is to find a good pair of slouchy girl's boyfriend jeans, right? Right. It's like, can't stop won't stop with these jeans for me, right now. 

I have to stop documenting all my OOTDs that incorporated these jeans because as much as I love them, I don't really want people to think I don't own any other pantsor worse, that I don't ever wash them.

I have yet to find a good ol' oversized white shirt from the ladies' section to accommodate my slouchy needsI have plenty of unfulfilled slouchy fashion needs, by the wayso I'm still sticking with this one oversized white shirt that I own from the men's side in Seed.

Can't stop won't stop with these double strap monk shoes and polka-dot see-through socks either. Man I need more of them (the socks, I mean, but I'd always want more shoes).

Seed white shirt (men; worn with slim jeans here)
Bershka boyfriend jeans (worn with tied crop-top here)
WeGo socks (worn with chunky gladiators here and with polka-dot sneakers here)
Aldo monk shoes