Nope, I did not visit the US of A recently, I wish! These were all brought back to me by Shah, who had a meeting there (lucky him). I decided not to go because it didn't make sense for us to pay so much for the pricey flight ticket just for me to spend a couple of days there. That being said, I did ask for something(s) in return...

I originally requested makeup products from H&M as we don't get those here (total travesty) but unfortunately Shah didn't come across a single H&M during his time there (this is a travesty as well). But there was one day when he was totally jet-lagged and ended up at Taco Bell at midnight and made his way to Walmart right after. I was like, "There are like a gazillion makeup products in Walmart, why didn't I think of Walmart?"

I went into Walmart's website and, trust me, I wanted everything. But I'm pretty good at compromising (oh hi Shah, sure, we can agree to disagree) so I listed down the things that I wanted more than others and just hoped that Shah could locate most of themand he actually did pretty well!

I never owned anything from Covergirl so I'm happy Shah got me a little Covergirl palette, but I am SUPER STOKED about the Covergirl Star Wars mascara (!!!).

The product that I'm most excited about is actually the Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily skin in shade 360 Golden Caramel. I happen to LOVE Revlon Colorstay foundation. This foundation range is available in every city I've ever been toand I think that I've been to quite a fewbut for some reason the shade 360 Golden Caramel is NOT sold in any of them.

Which is a little confusing to be honest, because I see people whose skin tone is similar to mine here in Malaysia like every day, so, maybe Revlon should launch another in-depth study on which shades would sell here? All this is entirely my own personal, non-professional opinion, of course.

By the way, do you guys own any of the products in the photos here? Let me know how well they fare if you do.