Can I tell you a secret? But you have to promise not to tell anybody else, OK? OK, it is this:

I dress a lot more conservatively when I go back to my husband's hometown to visit his parents.

Wait, what? You fake conservativeness in front of your parents-in-law, too? And everybody else does this? Oh. Well. 


But I guess your idea of conservative is different from mine. I mean, sure, with the hijab on my head, I guess to most parts of the world, I appear pretty conservative already. But I'm pretty positive that it is general knowledge that ripped pants and studded jacket are not generally considered conservative in the eyes of parents-in-law. 
The average-ly normal ones, that is. 

My parents-in-law are, thank God, pretty cool with my wardrobe choices, but sometimes it's more about respecting them than attending to my sartorial needs, so I tend to steer clear of scandalous pieces that include rips and studs when I'm visiting themand even when visiting my own parents sometimes, who are less old-schooland turn to a lot of palazzo pants and flowy tops. 
Except I couldn't find any flowy tops to bring, so I made do with this denim shirt instead. 

And is there a more reliable bag than Kate Spade for a touch of sweetness?

Wearing: Mango denim shirt  |  Teetoo palazzo pants  |  Cotton On slip-ons  |  Kate Spade Belle Place Straw Satchel