Has there been a more exciting time in the denim jeans universe than right now? I mean, the varieties that have been emerging in the past few years - especially the past year - just feel so refreshing. Take your pick: boyfriend, flare, mom-style, paint-splattered, embroidered, ripped, patched, cropped, fringed, frayed...the choices are practically endless, and on top of that, feel free to mix and match, baybeh.

Speaking of which - did you guess that mom jeans would be back in style, and so soon, too? I certainly didn't, but look at us, embracing this trend and all! (OK, most of us, anyway.) I feel like we're making the generations above us proud because this trend practically define the fashion of their era.

As someone who has a low waist-to-hip ratio, it's been really tough finding the right pair for myself. The ones that fit me well around the hips would tragically, pathetically stick out and up straight at the waist (I could fit my whole fist in that negative space!) while others would just refuse to go past my hips. The ones that do make it past my hips would render me breathless immediately, so that's no good either.

I spotted these jeans in Zara and immediately took them to the fitting room, thinking it was just the pair of loose, frayed-hem, low-waist flare jeans that I was looking for but the moment I started zipping them up, I knew they were going to rest really high on my hips; when I turned to take a proper look in the mirror, I knew I found my perfect mom jeans.

Well, almost perfect; I do wish they crease a lot less, but I'm just going to tell myself "OK Liyana you can't have everything you want in this world OK." Other than that? I decided to stitch up the frayed hem and while I'm super happy with the result, with that length, no sneakers will look good under them! 

But I'm just super into this pair's wide-legged look, which I usually won't pair with sneakers and trainers regardless of the length anyway, so I'll be sticking to my wedges and heels with this pair, I guess!

Wearing: Zara t-shirt  |  Faiz kimono chiffon cardigan  |  Zara jeans  |  Nuovo chunky wedges  |  Glass Line sling bag