New Affordorable In The Making

25 August 2016

Hi guys, I'm in the middle of changing up a few things on my blog (PS: look, it's a new look!), so please be patient with the chinks and kinks that you experience here. There's still a lot of work to be done!

I will update this space as soon as it's all finished, and I'll be back with new outift posts soon - love yahhhh XO


How Do We Feel About Applying Lipstick In Public?

24 August 2016

Who knew that this could be an issue - I certainly didn't - but apparently it might not be as innocent as I thought it was. I do it all the time in restaurants after eating at the table (only when I have a full-face makeup on, that is) but I was told it isn't good practice to do so. 

But is this true in the first place? 

Now that I think about it, I can't remember the last time I saw someone applying lipstick in public, to be honest. 
No wait, actually, I do; it was on a train in Tokyo. But in Malaysia? I'm surprised that I can't even recall seeing this, so perhaps it's not the norm here.

The question is, how much should I care about about those that find this unfavourable / embarrassing (for me) / borderline-offensive? Are these people even in the majority? 
Am I actually over-thinking with this "non-issue"? (PS: I know I am, because I'm dedicating a whole post on it, but for the sake of argument...)

At the end of the day, I think I'll continue doing it anyway - certainly saves time than nipping to the public bathroom, doesn't it?

Do you do it, too? What are your thoughts on this?


Cereal Killer

22 August 2016

One fun fact about me: I love cereal. I usually have up to four different cereals stored in my refrigerator, so that I can have cereal buffets for breakfast whenever I please. I cannot tell you guys how long I have been waiting to use this title; finally it is ninety nine point nine percent relevant to my content today!

Have I ever mentioned how hot and humid Malaysia is? Oh wait I think I have, only about 21377 times, I think. But just in case this is your first time here in Affordorable, let me share this one piece of info with you: it is hot AND humid here in Malaysia.

So for a hijabi like me, layering isn't usually a practical option - not that practicality is my main concern, because I do layer occasionally. 
OK, I always layer, because fashion. 
But on a more serious note: seriously, to please my personal style preferences, I find it challenging to try look good while dressing modestly without resorting to layering, so I basically have to "teach" and challenge my body to adapt under the weight of more than one layer. I mean, you can't expect us to see a cute menswear-inspired oversized blazer in Topshop and not want to throw that on our shoulders on a date night, OK?

In all honesty, does my logic make sense? If it does / doesn't, please let me know by commenting, because this can turn out to be a good discussion, I think.

On regular days though, when I just want to pop out and run errands quickly, I always want to wear something that I can throw on without having to add anything else underneath (like a see-through top) or on top (like a t-shirt) and walk out the door. I don't have many options for those, to be honest, so it's always a delight when there's a new addition for this purpose. So here it is, guys, my comfy long-sleeved "cereal killer" print top. (PS: Why doesn't my local grocer carry Fruit Loops, what a travesty.)

Wearing: Pull & Bear cereal top  |  H&M high-waisted pants  |  Adidas Neo sneakers


Denim Jacket + Black Dress (& In Need of Inspirations)

19 August 2016

Ever since my trips to Tokyo ended, I feel like I haven't been getting any fresh wave of inspiration. As possibly whiny and pretentious as that sounds, guyss fo realzzz, it's happening to me and I need helppp. Like I legitimately am too much of a nerd and a geek to say that just for the sake of it, and I really mean it - where my creative juices at? Why are they drying up??
I'm using TWO question marks here, so if that doesn't convey the seriousness of my situation, I don't know what will.

Does that happen to you guys? Is this feeling normal?

I genuinely miss Tokyo so much, and still get these pangs in my chest from missing the city; there really was just something about Tokyo: the hustle and bustle, the crazy-interesting street-style there, the culture, the shopping buzz...

But then again, if I'm being real with myself, I know deep down that it's not really because of me not being in Tokyo; it's how I was really trying out new things and living life there.
And wanderlust. That's another thing, too, it must be.

I don't think one needs to travel to "live life" but going to a new place certainly offers a fresh new perspective. Even if it's visiting a new mall to do your shopping - that's something, isn't it? Heck, even grocery-shopping at a new supermarket might totally inspire a completely new finger-lickin' recipe! Like the time I went to a grocer in KL instead of PJ and seeing their cheese counter; I now appreciate cheese + grapes on a WHOLE other level.

Honestly, if I take the time to spend time exploring the streets of my own city, or any adjacent major city, I'm sure those creative juices will start flowing again. They'll have totally different vibes from what I experienced in Tokyo, but what's important is they'll be new, and just as interesting!

Not to mention the chance to discover new places for outfit shots too, am I right?
(PS: Windy days like this particular day honestly felt like a gift!).
(PS2: I LOVE this sage green shawl, it's the latest cutest addition to my hijab collection, and I wish I had gotten more of it in different prints!)

Wearing: Vintage Levi's jacket from Kinji Used Clothing  |  Black dress from Fashionista, Subang Parade  |  Timberland shoes  |  Louis Vuitton Speedy  |  Swatch Cheshire Cat watch  |  Rings from Lovisa and Tokyo


What Happened Recently

18 August 2016

Can you guys believe that it's nearing the end of August? Like I seriously feel 2016 just started not too long ago (pretty sure it's not just me feeling this way!).

1) Can't wait for more good movies
The three most recent movies I watched at the cinema are The Shallows, Jason Bourne (faveee) and Suicide Squad, and they were all enjoyable enough that I was left wanting more. 
I am so, SO EXCITED about The BFG coming out! I absolutely adore reading Roald Dahl's stories including The BFG (my all-time favourite is Matilda), so I know for sure that I'll be getting all the feels when I watch the movie.

2) Eid ending earlier this month
Ramadhan ended on 5th of July and Syawal arrived, which is the month we celebrated Eid - and the celebration lasted pretty much for the whole month! I had a great time, too; my favourite things to do were always visiting relatives and friends and eating all kinds of Eid food and Eid cookies.
To see some Eid outfits from this year, check out these posts: 

3) Instagram Stories
I do have Snapchat on my phone but I virtually never used it (that is, until I saw my cousin Ira aiming her phone at me at a dinner one night, and I had to force myself to check her snaps and stories in case there's anything indecent in there, and all that). 
I'm not sure why; I never felt the pull to actually use Snapchat myself, but I'm kind of into Instagram Stories for now! I check my Instagram feed multiple times a day some days and I'm always posting there, so I just personally feel it's the more accessible app for me.
If you haven't already followed me on Instagram, find me here and give a follow: @theliyanaaris