Flare Jeans the Revival

I'm totally fixated on denim jeans right now (still not sick of them and always talking about them) so flare ones just seem like a natural progression.

Well, and also because I've worn and re-worn my other jeans so many times that I'm not left with much choices, and these flare jeans just happen to be at the bottom of my stack of jeans...

It's a real revival, alright; these jeans are almost a decade old. A decade. I didn't even realise I could care for a clothing item for that long, so I feel like this should call for a celebration or something. I can't even remember the moment I bought them, but I can tell you for sure now that it is not a joke to say jeans are one of the few things in your closet that will stand the test of time - even when you didn't provide it with as much care and loving!

I remember looking at many old photos of my mom in flare jeans - loads of old photos, and loads of flare jeans. Not just on her but on her sisters, her girl friends, her cousins, her brothers, her guy friends...it was like flare or nothing back then, it seemed! Didn't your moms and aunties and dads and uncles wear the same things, too? I have to say, it's pretty darn cool that flare jeans are being revived again right now - it's truly the circle of life.

Or, OK, it really is the circle of the flare jeans, which is more accurate, but saying Circle of Life sounds deeper, that's all.

This top, by the way, was a birthday present from my little sister. How amazing are those intricate woven patterns? She saw the top in H&M and said it was "so me".
Which I think it might just be.

Wearing: H&M tied top  |  Jeanswest flare jeans  |  Something Borrowed peep toe booties (also worn here and here!)

To be honest, even though I really like this particular pair of flare jeans, I've always been generally hesitant of them. How about you? Are you in on the flare trend that's making its comeback, or not?

In Them Jeans

Just a casual day out, doing the usuals, with the usual suspect, you know: grocery-shopping, taking photos outside the grocer, those sort of things.

Still on my jeans kick, as you can see here. I've gone through almost all of my pairs of jeans, being in this 'only-denim-jeans' phase, and the dangerous thing is I'm starting to see gaps in my jeans collection. Like, have you guys ever seen me in a pair of white jeans? No, because I don't own one. Is that normal? To not own white jeans? 

It shouldn't be normal, especially since Malaysians doesn't abide by that 'no-white-after-Labour-day' rule. (Also, our Labour Day is on 1 May every year. And also, we spell it l-a-b-o-U-r, which is the UK way.) Really, I should definitely be owning white jeans, guys.

And you know what's worse? Not owning black jeans. Which I don't. I mean, I do, but even my most favourite pair of black jeans isn't working on me anymore. I'm living exclusively on various shades of blue jeans, guys. This needs to change.

In the meantime, spicing my blue jeans up with this 'L' varsity jacket ('L' for Liyana, of course) and my chewing-gum clutch!

Wearing: Factorie varsity jacket  |  Factorie grey t-shirt  |  Levi's jeans  |  Cotton On slip-ons  |  chewing-gum clutch from Laforet Harajuku  |  Heart-shaped shades from Shibuya 109

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm: Unapologetic, Striking, Standout, Fiery

As much as my love for makeup go hand-in-hand with my passion for fashion, I'm just not a regular makeup-purchaser anymore, with me rather always choosing to rely on my regular makeup favourites.

But I was really excited when I saw Revlon Colorburst matte balm lipsticks in Sasa at Mitsui Oultet near KLIA last month; I've been wanting to test out Fiery for a while after reading Kate of Kate La Vie's many praises for it (that girl can really sell makeup), but I never got around to it. There were also three other discounted shades (for less than half the retail price!) so I thought I might as well give all four shades a go!

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 210 Unapologetic
Shade: Bright pink - almost bubblegum-like (on me, anyway!)

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 240 Striking
Shade: Warm orangey red

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 250 Standout
Shade: Vibrant cooler red

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 270 Fiery
Shade: Plumy red (it appears more plum IRL though!)

I'm a fan of Revlon's Super Lustrous range, and now I'm pleased to find another lip range from Revlon to love! I honestly adore these matte balms - I really should have acquired them sooner. I was wondering how Revlon would come out with a moisturising balm that's matte, but I think they've done a pretty good job - although it should be noted that these matte balms are not completely matte. They are however a fantastic option for those who crave for a mattifying lip result that would still be kind to dry lips.

They're surprisingly pigmented, too; Unapologetic and Standout come out particularly strong on my lips compared to the other two. I can't decide which is my most favourite shade, but it's definitely between Striking and Fiery. All four are such beautiful colours, though.

Have you tried any of these matte balms?

Note: If anyone is wondering, buying makeup at an outlet - where things tend to be out-of-season and are unused old batches - is actually not a bad idea at all, providing the MFG date (manufacturing date) is recent enough; all of these Revlon lipsticks were made late last year.

Like Lumberjack

Lumberjack chic is a thing, right?

I'm reviving plenty of old things in this outfit: I loved these cutout boots, a purchase I made in Bershka Shibuya last year and had only worn at most thrice (not for the lack of love though, for sure!) - and believe it or not, the last time I wore this short-front-long-back top was two years ago.

Well, at least nobody can't accuse me of wearing my things only once! I feel like my own best version of a casual Kate Middleton right now, so proud of myself.

I'm foreseeing wearing these boots more often, because girl wants to wear some boots and cutout boots are the only practical boots to wear in hot and humid Malaysia, after all!

Wearing: Adidas jacket  |  Pull & Bear top  |  Bershka boyfriend jeans  |  Bershka cutout boots

How To Shop For Clothes On A Budget

A woman dressed to the nines more often than not gives the impression that she spent a fortune on her outfit, even though in the back of our minds, we know that clothes aren't indicative of our bank account. Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg: his net worth is estimated to be $51.6 billion (!) yet he wears the same grey t-shirt pretty much every day.

But having all the money in the world doesn't necessarily dictate your fashion sense, does it? I mean, I'd like to think that of all people, I should know, being the person who makes a point to always buy affordable clothes (and constantly surprising people when they find out how much I spend on my clothes!). So, by that logic, it’s completely possible to look like a million bucks - figuratively, that is - without breaking the bank.

Shopping on a budget is often easier said than done admittedly, and too many times we fall into the trap of browsing through every aisle and spending much more than originally intended. Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it? But really, it’s all about shopping smartly, ladies! (And dudes, of course!) 

To help you with that, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Buy What You Need
Trust me, I know all too well about buying things on a whim, but that is exactly how I know that strictly buying what you need as opposed to what you're lusting after is what will ensure you're being really kind to your bucks. Versatility in your items are key in your buys along with the fabric makeup - which means it’s not enough to purchase on “looks” alone. As Redbook Mag explains, clothing that is short, tiny and shiny will look cheap, no matter how much you spend. Knowing your wardrobe essentials will instantly make your trips to the mall efficient in terms of time and money.

2) Find a Good Tailor
It’s tough finding items that fit you perfectly - something that my pear-shaped self know all too well! Even if you spot a clothing items that is made of great quality material, is on sale and is something you foresee as being totally functional, trying it on and finding out that it is too long or loose might make you give up and hurtle in the direction of an overpriced boutique.

But hold it! As the Full Beauty brand Woman Within states, a great fit is the basis of loving your body, but if there’s an inexpensive item that needs some adjusting, you'll save a lot less to get it tailored to your body rather than hopping from shop to a more expensive shop to find a better-fitting garment - and that may very well end up in you forking out for something above your price range. 

It took me a few tries, but I have found my go-to alteration shop that helps me fix ill-fitting clothes to adapt better to my body. The service is inexpensive, and when combined with the price of my purchase, the total would still be much lesser than buying something higher-end. This way, I'm happy, and so is my wallet!

3) Embrace Thrift Shopping

Hand-me-downs get a lot of flack for being outdated, but you’ll be surprised with what you find at a thrift store! I really got into thrifting when I lived in Paris and Tokyo, both of which were havens for quality second-hand stuff. From vintage pieces to classics and beyond, there really are plenty of treasures to choose from, all at bargained prices.

One good tip for getting a great deal out of your thrift trip? Look for jeans, as suggested by Fuelzee; those jeans will have already been broken into, allowing you to move freely in them compared to a brand new pair of denim jeans!

Any other tips on how to shop for clothes on a budget?

Denim Jeans Phase

It's weird, but I go through phases with denim jeans. I remember last year when I kept putting jeans on every time I go out and subsequently got sick of them - something I didn't even know was possible! - that I bought a bunch of palazzo pants and culottes and skirts just so that I could shove my jeans at the very back of my closet and not grab them for a while.

And now? Well, I can't seem to stop wearing and re-wearing them. Don't even care so much about palazzos and culottes and skirts. Go figure. I'd probably get sick of denim jeans pretty soon at the rate I'm going...

Wearing: Kitschen cardigan  |  Cotton On Beetlejuice t-shirt (men's)  |  Levi's jeans  |  Adidas x Pharrell Williams Stan Smith sneakers (these ones, with yellow shoelaces swapped in)  |  Glass Line sling bag

Question: Do you guys ever get sick of denim jeans? It'd be nice to know I'm not the only one!

PS: Uhbsessed with this Beetlejuice t-shirt, which you can also see me style in: Sneakers + A Whole Lotta LipsSneakers Love, and Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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