Links à la Mode, July 21

I'm very happy about my post on rotating outfits making it into Links a la Mode for this week! I hope you'll enjoy reading that post if you haven't yet, and don't forget to check out the other 19 entries as well.

Links à la Mode, July 21

Althea Korea's First Birthday: The Online Destination For K-Beauty

Happy Birthday to Althea Korea!

I've been fascinated with Korean beauty and makeup ever since I watched the show K-Style but it was only pretty recently that I caught the Korean beauty bug, right after Shah came back from his work trip to Seoul with a small stash of K-Beauty things for me.

I absolutely loved The Saem products and was pretty bummed about not being able to re-purchase - that is, until I learned about Althea, the online destination for the best Korean beauty and makeup products (they also stock The Saem!).

Althea just turned one year old today, on 20th of July 2016, and to celebrate their 1st anniversary, Althea very generously gifted 100 Malaysian bloggers with free RM 150 worth of credit to shop on their site - can't tell you how happy I was to have been chosen! I had the hardest time choosing what to get; I considered buying only lipsticks at first but then I also wanted to dip my finger in everything that they had to offer - girl just wants them all!

In the end I'm pretty happy with all of my seven picks - which are not covered completely by the RM 150 free credit, but I was more than happy to use my RM 15 new-sign-up credit and topped that off with my own RM 45.

I just had to get at least one of The Saem Eco Soul KISS Button Lips matte lipsticks in the shade Propose, but I was most excited to try out Missha Soft Blending Stick Blusher in Sugar Glam which is actually a highlighter (and to be honest I think it looked kind of when I tried it out the other day, so PS: Full review will come this way soon <3).

The other products I chose (and the decisions did NOT come easy!):
  • Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Coating Liner in Queen Burgundy
  • Too Cool For School Marshamallow Puff
  • Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick in Fresh Orange
  • Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
  • Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash

You can get in on the fun too; Althea's having over a month-long celebration of their first birthday! Be amongst the first 1500 buyers who order from today onwards and get their limited edition pink party box + part hat kit (like the badass one I'm sporting above) and some free full-sized goodies to be included in it. There's also a chance for a 100%-rebate offer to those who buy three of their best-seller items.

Now, what's an online party if there isn't a massive giveaway, right? If you've made a purchase and got it in their pink birthday box, which will include that cute customizable party hat, you'd definitely want to enter #AltheaTurns1 Instagram contest; some of the prizes up for grabs are Macbook Air, iPhone 6s and Althea's shopping credits worth $300 - more details here on how to enter.

A huge thank you to Althea and the Butterfly Project for this wonderful opportunity.

What To Do When You Left Your Luggage Behind On A Long Trip

Accidentally leaving behind your luggage filled with all your carefully chosen clothes (and undergarments!) on a long trip away from home? I mean, can you think of a worse horror story for someone who tends to really care about what she puts on a daily basis?

That happened to me on the first week of Eid, on Shah's and my trip back to his hometown, which is about 4 to 5 hours of drive from where we live. We had woken up one morning, finished packing and loaded everything into the car and reached Shah's parents' house in good spirit, albeit a little tired. It wasn't until late afternoon when I was about to freshen up that I realised my luggage was missing - which meant we definitely didn't load everything into the car!

My immediate reaction was to bawl my eyes out, but about two seconds passed before I realised shedding tears would be completely pointless, and wasn't going to change the situation in any way. I then decided to coax my mind into a state of positivity and counted my blessings in that situation:
  • I had all my three pairs of shoes with me (they weren't the best choices but thankfully I hadn't realised it at that moment, or it would've driven me straight into a breakdown)
  • My cabin-sized luggage got a little too full when I was almost done with packing, which resulted in me stuffing a few bras into Shah's duffel bag, alongside my jammies (this never happened; we were always content with individualised packing, even when we travelled overseas)
  • My makeup things were in a separate pink carry-on bag, along with my facial products and perfumes and body spray
  • NEW CLOTHES - which is obviously the real blessing here

So it was shopping timeee! We had about two hours that night to so some serious speedy shopping, and thank God for the mall that just opened last year near my parents-in-law's place; it has a pretty decent H&M, but since I was after appropriately demure dresses to visit relatives of Shah's to do more celebrating of Eid, it was Uniqlo that came to my rescue in the end. (PS: Extra points go to Uniqlo for selling undergarments in relatively more hygienic plastic packaging!)

The dress would have been even more perfect had it not creased too much, which is a pet peeve of mine, but I do like the overlapping of fabrics at the front. I wish I had brought some pretty ballet flats to complement the feminine cut of the dress but my leopard slip-ons would have to do! I have to say, this pretty tie-dyed scarf that I found in Nichii was my favourite part of this outfit.

Wearing: Uniqlo x Hana Tajima black draped dress (it was on sale at RM 59.90!)  |  Nichii tie-dyed scarf  |  Cotton On leopard print slip-ons

Have you ever left a whole luggage of clothes behind on a trip somewhere? Share your story with me if you have!

Eid Outfit: Dark Navy Blue & Pink on Rina

I don't know why, but lately plenty of people have been confused about which Rina is and which Liyana is when they see us - together and separately, on various occasions. I get that there are similarities, but we don't like that much we? Rina, who is almost a full 6 years younger than me (our birthdays are four days apart) have now started to jokingly refer to me as "twinnie".

To be honest, I would have loved to have worn this outfit on Rina on Eid myself - I mean, of course, since I was the one who bought this dark navy blue modern 'baju kurung' set! Can't say I was being entirely generous when I gave this set to her, though; when I got home from Berjaya Times Square - where I bought it - I found out it didn't fit me after all (most stalls and shops there don't let you try out their super affordable clothes), so it was Rina's luck to have it!

The pink shawl was the exact same one as the gold one I had in my Eid outfit, but only because I went shawl-shopping with Rina and made her buy it so that I wouldn't be "the only one wearing a shiny shawl on Eid".

My favourite part of this modern 'baju kurung' has to be the tied part, which you can have at the front, at the back, or even do it halter-style!

Rina Wearing: Modern 'baju kurung' from Berjaya Times Square  |  Pink shawl from Bow 'N' Engel, Subang Parade  |  Mango flats

Eid Mubarak : A Green, Gold & Black Raya

Selamat Hari Raya and Eid Mubarak to all my Muslims readers around the world! How was your celebration of the day? 

It's been more than a week since the first day of Syawal, the month that comes after Ramadhan in the Islamic calendar, but I'm pretty sure most Muslims intend to celebrate Eid during the whole month of Syawal! It's definitely the one month in Malaysia that is filled with the most festive weekends, with open houses and wedding invitations. By the way, this year's Eid for me was amazing!

I had quite a busy couple of days prior to Eid, which meant I had no time to contribute any content to Affordorable - I think this has been the longest break I took from blogging in the longest while! I was mainly helping my mom at her house with cooking and baking Raya cookies (we call Eid "Raya" here, actually), and then spending the nights cleaning up my own house right after doing the nightly Ramadhan Terawikh prayers with my family. I think it was my most exhausting last days of Ramadhan ever, because, you know, I'm 30, and I finally realised my responsibilities as a helpful, mature daughter. 

Better late than never, and all of that. You guys know.

As always, I left my Raya outfit shopping almost to the very last minute, and by "the very last minute" I really meant a few days before the first day of Raya. Most people always seem surprise that I do my Raya shopping that late, but ever since I got married, I've been less fussy about what I wear on the morning of Raya. I mean, as long as I look gewddd and all, then everything will be fine in my book - plus I haven't really encountered any problem with late Raya-shopping! I've always managed to find a decent ready-to-wear outfit in a mall somewhere.

Although, there was a tiny hiccup this year; I bought this gorgeous, interesting flowy green top with a matching skirt in Subang Parade (can't wait to pair it with jeans!!!) and after handwashing them, discovered that what I thought was a shiny blue thread in the skirt was breaking apart and crumbling to the ground. I was really disappointed, especially because it was a relatively pricey skirt. Since this betrayal was only evident to me the very night before Eid (betrayal by the shop, that is), I had no time to buy a new skirt and had to be content with this floral one that is the bottom part of an older 'modern-traditional' baju kurung I own (see here to understand 'modern-traditional'), but I thought my modern twist on the 'modern-traditional' baju kurung looked fine in the end! (PS: It's very similar to my last year's Eid outfit, by the way.)

I initially wanted to pair this outfit with nude shoes and bag but decided to add a solid colour to offset all the greens and golds, so I threw on these black heels from Mango that I kind of really love and the cutest embellished black evening bag that I bought in Tokyo from Kinji Used Clothing, which I kind of am uhbsessed about
And, what do you know, I finally experimented with a new hijab style, guys.

All in all, it was a wonderful, beautiful festivity for my whole family on Eid!

What did you wear during Eid? Share in the comments down below, I'd love to know!

How Often Do You Recycle Your Clothes?

When it comes to the topic of recycling clothes, I wonder: is it obvious in Affordorable that I recycle my clothes a lot? I'm guessing that unless you've scrutinised and studied each of my previous outfits (PS: Please don't do this, there are always better things to do), that might not be the most obvious case - which is both possibly good and possibly bad.

I'd say it's good because it means I've managed to play around with my clothes well enough, but then, well, the thing is, I want people to know that I recycle my clothes, because one of the points of me blogging about my personal style is to share that you can look presentable, even with limited sources.

So how often do I recycle my clothes? Pretty often. Most of my recycling moments happen more often off-camera but I try to recycle my clothing items and accessories as often as possible in Affordorable - without attempting to bore anybody and make people go "What's the point of visiting this site if I'm seeing the same thing allllll the time", obviously.

There's always a group of "favourites of the moment" when it comes to the things in my closet, so those favourites will be rotated more often in a particular period of time. But I'm also the type of person who constantly put on something I acquired one year, two years ago, all the time - sometimes even three, four, five years ago.

But anyway all the things I wear in this particular outfits are relatively new - nothing older than two years, that is - but they have all been seen on Affordorable and are definitely on my current rotation now. It's also nice to give my jeans and sneakers a little break!

Wearing: Lilly Rose denim jacket (also seen here)  |  Ciaopanic two-piece dress (also seen here)  |  Aldo monk shoes (also seen here)  |  H&M saddle bag (also seen here)

What are your thoughts on recycling clothes? Any tips on how to make it more effective?

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