One Important Mascara Trick

Mascara is magical. Seriously. If I could only own three makeup items for the rest of my life, mascara would be one of them. 

Well, it's third on the list, because concealer and lipstick are more magical, and hence they come firstbut still, mascara made my top three, guys. I could be finishing a less-than-satisfactory eye makeup and thinking "This isn't going to work OMG do I have to do my eyes all over again", but the moment I apply mascara, it's like "OK, the world is perfect again."

There was a time when my lashes would get all droopy after a short amount of time, which were especially noticeable after a hastened session of mascara-applying, regardless of what mascara I used. Usually this happens on days when I spent too much time doing my eye makeup, causing me to have no choice but to hurry my mascara and lipstick steps because I was late to wherever I was due to be. 

It took me a while to figure out what exactly went wrong, and it was this: not applying enough mascara at the very base of my lashes! I learned that applying mascara to only the tips of lashes would cause the front part of lashes to get heavier, so naturally droopiness is inevitable.

Now I realise how important it is to always take the time to wiggle my mascara brush back and forth right at the base of my lashes to ensure more lashes "support". If you think about it, mascara is like a bra for your lashes, isn't it? (It is, sort of.) My lashes definitely stay curled longer, and I also love how this trick gives you the illusion of having a thin line drawn on.

Such a good tip to remember now, as even my weakest mascara is benefiting from this trick!

Do any of you have any mascara trick up your sleeve?

Pink & Beiges

Sometimes, all I want to wear are jeans, a tee and white sneakers. Easy, everyone's go-to combo, comfy.

Other times, I still want to wear a tee and white sneakers but then I'm all "let's keep things fresh by topping them off with a beige suit instead".

This isn't actually a suit, by the way; I got those skirt-pants (skants? I still don't know what they are) from Zara and the blazerwhich I obviously love to pair with sneakersfrom H&M, and I never thought to put them together until the day when I had my super pink Adidas 'Chicago' top on, standing in front of my closet and went, "Right, what do I wear with this?"

Which reminds me: you know what's missing from my closet? A casual suit. An actual suit. Preferably a printed one. Something I've been lusting after ever since ages ago, when I watched Whitney Port wearing a red printed suit when she was in an episode of the UK's Show Me Your Wardrobe. I just haven't found my very own perfect suit, so let me know if you see some good ones in Zara or H&M or wherever, yah?

Nothing says "Not At All Formal" than a bright pink Adidas t-shirt, but just in case, steering clear of office vibes with my suit here by adding loadsa distracting, contrasting things on top of the beiges: chunky tri-tone bangle (Uhb. Sessed.), my favourite ratty bracelets, a hot white bag, and a bright matching watch.

Wearing: Adidas pink 'Chicago' t-shirt  |  H&M beige blazer  |  Zara beige skirt-pants  |  Adidas Stan Smith Superpink  |  Issey Miyake white Prism clutch

Casually Undone

I'm never going to be one of those people who look put-together at all timesthat sounds like way too much work. Way. Half the time I can't even be bothered to put a stitch of makeup on, let alone iron / steam iron my clothes right before needing to dash out of the dooror should this sentence be the other way around? I can't decide which is the more important task: put makeup on or iron. (Question: Which is it?)

Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be able to present myself as "put-together" at all times because that is such a great quality to have, and I would love to be flying out the door with perfect makeup on always, but do you know how much energy you need to invest in order to achieve that? Loads. Like, LOADS. Energy that I can never muster.
Or more accurately, choose not to.

Well, good thing it's the digital age of looking "undone but so right" right now: half tucked-in shirts, ripped jeans, asymmetrical cuffs on pants, unbuttoning buttons, frayed, holed sweaters, and don't forget smudgy eye makeup, natural brows, beachy hairno better time to embrace all these trends than now.

Wearing: Zero Makeup + Uniqlo pink plaid shirt  |  Levi's men's jeans  |  Adidas sneakers  |  Smart Life Market 300 yen (!) sunnies

The Pineapple Pendant

I don't even like pineapple in its natural form, but, hey, I don't discriminate when it comes to fashion.

I don't own many necklaces at all but even then I haven't worn most of them. I haven't counted, but if I have 10, I've worn maybe two...? It's like I purposely take them home just to admire them in my jewellery drawer, or something. 

Once Upon A Time, Though

It wasn't always like that; when I was studying in New Zealand for my degree, I was pretty obsessed with Lauren Conrad's thin delicate gold necklace with the tiny red and pearl pendants hanging from it (this one, which she wore throughout many years), so I bought myself a bunch of necklaces with delicate pendants. And I didn't buy them from any shop either; I went to an actual jeweller and bought real silver and gold things. It was a phase I went through, where I saved money just so that I could buy them. I even cut down on spending on clothes, guys, so it was really serious.

I still have an affinity for thin delicate necklaces, which now have to be long enough to show under my hijab, but I'm also into cool, statement-making chunky ones. So maybe starting with this pineapple pendant, I can make the move and actually use something from my small collection of necklaces to wear, instead of just leaving it nestled in the drawer...

Wearing: Super old Dotti top (from New Zealand days!)  |  H&M men's jeans  |  Pull & Bear strappy flats  |  H&M gold-coloured pineapple pendant  |  Lancel bag

Aoyama Flower Market in Tokyo

I'm used to buying RM 2-per-stem flowers from the little flower stalls scattered around my hometown (I always buy at the old folks' home in KJ), but I'm not one to go to a proper florist and order myself a bouquet to decorate my house. It's not that I don't want to, but when I factor in my inability to take care of any living things and adding the price of fancy flowers on top of that, I become hesitant to invest in a a gorgeous, full-blown flower arrangement, just for the sake of decoration that will last for a week, tops. 

I don't actively search for flower shops wherever I go to but for some reason the ones in Tokyo just popthey're all so incredibly welcoming and super cute. I could be walking in a Metro station and see the cutest tiny flower shop, or I could be walking and turning around a corner towards a grocery store and be surprised by the sight of a display of rows and rows of vibrant flowers in little pots.

I have to say though, the Aoyama Flower Market takes the cake. Unlike most flower shops I've been to, which are always bright and usually with a white background, Aoyama Flower Market has this mysterious edge to it, and it is SO beautiful. If you disregard the array of gorgeous flowers and the non-stop flow of visitors, the ambience is almost moody but very romantic at the same time, with dark backgrounds, a selection of lovely scented products, and spotlights on the flowers to really highlight them and make them the star, as they are.

A major plus about this particular place? It has its own cafe with the pretty French toasts inside!
They even have a waiting area to for you to chill at while the florists get your customised order ready.

Go visit Aoyama Flower Market in Omotesando, Tokyo if you ever get the chanceand don't forget to try out the food and drinks at the cafe and get a few worthy snaps while you're there!

Sequinned Sneakers

Do you really need a pair of sequinned sneakers? My answer is yes. Yes you do. You need a pair.
Or two, or three. Who's counting, anyway?

Seriously, sneakers are all I'm wearing nowadays. If they weren't so darn comfortable, I'd probably boo myself for being so unimaginative with my footwear choices. If I could wear sneakers with baju kurung or any other more traditional garb like songket or a demure kaftan AND not get major side-eyes from the aunties of the world, heck yes I would. 

I suppose the key to be less boring when you're sneakers-obsessed is to own plenty of them, so that you don't keep coming back to the same pair. Although, if you're like me, you could have 20 sneakers lined down in front of you and you'd still grab the white SPRPNK Stan Smiths, but I'm saying don't do what I do. Keep it fresh, guys.

Wearing: Bershka army green jacket (last seen almost hidden here)  |  Factorie t-shirt  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite ripped jeans  |  Aldo sequinned sneakers  |  Lancel canvas Premier Flirt bag  |  Swatch watch

These glittery black-purple-green sneakers were all lonsesome amongst the other non-glittery ones in Aldo's sale but it has to be fate when I found out they were the last pair and they were in my size. 

Meant. To. BE.

Well, OK, they were 0.5 smaller than my usual size, but if the shoe fits, right? Thankfully these do. Oh and did I mention they were slashed down to RM 80, which is like 20 USD? COME TO MAMAHHH.

So now that I own one pair of glittery sequinned sneakers, I realised this: they aren't glittery enough. Sequins and glitters, mamah is cominggg.

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