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    is a virtual space where Liyana Aris documents her evolving modest personal style, which is based on the art of looking casually stylish while still remaining modest and doing it all on a budget; about 93% of her closet are filled with affordable things. (PS: The remaining 7% has a lot to do with her secret addiction to Adidas shoes and her occasional splurges on discounted high-end bags and clutches, shhh.) [+]
    12.12.17 .

    I've lamented about the exact identity of my style in the past and I still occasionally do until today, but I always try to remember what my dear reader and friend Judy has said relating to this in one of those laments about my style:
    "I believe that our personal style is ever evolving. Who wants to prematurely label themselves in any aspect of life????"
    When she puts it that way, well, who does, indeed! (Thank you Judy xo) It's a constant good reminder for myself; after all there are outfits in this blog that I am not interested in repeating again but had felt strongly about it at that time.

    I'm quite the "according-to-my-mood" dresser so who knows what exactly I want to wear next weekend, let alone next year?

    That being said, I do like the idea of evolving my style  or more accurately, improving it. Take this outfit consisting of Shah's chambray shirt and Mickey patch jeans (which I like to wear with sheer overlays) as an example: it's so easy to put together, perfect as "something to throw on" when I need to quickly head out of the house.

    It's just that I don't know if I want to document something similar for Affordorable again in 2018, you know?

    I absolutely adore Shah's chambray shirt but if you ask me now to pick between this exact outfit and the chambray shirt + red studded flats, I'd say the latter is something I envision myself wearing more in the near future; it's basically still the same casual chambray / jeans outfit but just slightly fancier, more "chic".

    Note: Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to give up my sneakers though!

      Moving forward  a new year is upon us, ahhhhhhh!  I'm interested in making some changes to my wardobe. If you've read my "About" page I mentioned that I'm a kitsch fan but recently, I really have been wishing for more classics every time I scan my closet for something to wear out.

      Obviously that translates to shopping, and sure it's "yay!" and all but I just did a little shopping a few days ago (finally found a good tiered skirt at H&M and bought some earrings at Lovisa) but I find it hard to pick out things that I absolutely must have, unlike before  and that's a GOOD THING.

      I was such an impulsive purchaser before and I recognise that that needs changing (my guess is this is one of the reasons I am constantly dissatisfied when I scan my closet). Reading Tolly Dolly Posh teaches me plenty; I don't know about ever turning into an ethical shopper but I can certainly start practicing making more conscious decisions when it comes to shopping.

      I don't do New Year's resolutions but if I were to have some, I suppose "more-conscious shopping" would be one of them.

      Perhaps anyone else has a style resolution to make as well?

      Wearing: Bershka chambray shirt (men's)  |  Meters/Bonwe Mickey jeans  |  Puma sock  |  Adidas Relace Low sneakers  |  Aldo shades

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      7.12.17 .

      My love for H&M Makeup

      I dedicated a whole post on H&M's eyebrow products a couple of months ago but I've got to share with you guys, I love ALL of the makeup products I bought from H&M when I was in Italy. I know, I know, I am SO incredibly late to this party, but is it my fault my country doesn't stock this exact party?

      This post brings back memories of two years ago when I lusted badly after the H&M makeup must-haves on Kate La Vie. Two whole years is a long time guys so at the end of the day, I do realise that as much as it's a letdown that the local H&M doesn't carry the makeup range, how lucky am I to even get my hands on some of them?

      My New Favourite Products

      You know I love their brow stuff but another standout for me was the Velvet Lip Cream; the shade I bought is Screen Siren (which coincidentally is the same shade Kate talked about in her post, I just realised!) which is such beautiful deep red. The texture is amazing and non-drying; I've tried a couple of liquid lipsticks in the past which I was not a fan of that put me off liquid lipsticks, but now I itch to get my hands on more of Velvet Lip Cream!

      Another liquid lipstick I got was the Lush Lip Vinyl in Plum Fairy, which is an incredible plumy purple shade. It appears to have glitter in the tube but on my lips it becomes glossy and yes vinyl-like.

      It does dry a little weird on my lips though (which is noticeable in the photo below, so cringeyyy) but even so I would loveee to get other Lush Lip Vinyl colours!
        And ugh guys I am UHBSESSED with their matte lipsticks, which says something as I've always preferred moisturising lip products but H&M ones are so good to my lips; I have shades Route 66 which is a real MLBB shade for me and Victoriana, a pale nude-y purple colour.

        I don't find the staying power all that impressive but the blusher in Pink Coral is nonetheless super pretty on. The single eyeshadow is a winner in my book though! I have the shade Fig Figment and I love to use it an all-over wash of colour on my lids; the sheen creates depth, which gives the impression that I put in more effort (and more colour) than just the single one!

          I am a genuine fan of the affordable H&M makeup product so I'm really hoping to expand my H&M makeup collection in the near future.

          Have you tried any of the H&M makeup products? If you have, which did you like and would recommend to me?

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          4.12.17 .

          It's crazy to think about how long it has been since I last wore this blazer  much, much too long, considering the fact that blazers are generally super versatile and this one happens to be in my favourite colour evah. I bought this blazer from the Pull & Bear branch in the Le Quatre Temps mall in Paris so it's at least five years old, guysss.

          PS: I have the same blazer in teal green, too.

            Amazingly it really does look the same like when I first bought it. I've got to admit, it feels good to know that I bought something classic that's also enduring in my wilder (wild-ER, let' stress on the "er" part!), more reckless shopping years, unlike the many second-rate out-of-date things that were purchased in that period.

            I mean, it's admittedly still high-street quality (my mom can't stand the flimsy folds at the front, perhaps they should be sewn down somehow?) but regardless of that I do think it's a useful piece to have in my closet for mixing and matching.

              I paired the blazer with this ripped jeans, which were originally REALLY ripped; it was pretty much a gaping hole on the right knee  so not suitable for a hijabi! Instead of patching up the rip with the usual plain white / light material, I decided to spice up the insects-embroidered jeans (they're dragonfly and bee and some other bugs) even more by covering the rip with a piece of plaid cloth.

              Well, at least I asked my tailor to do it (not a DIY person, sorreeee) but it took me a while to persuade her to cut up Shah's shirt. (PS: Yes it's a part of Shah's old worn-out plaid shirt!)

              I would love to get my hands on a better-quality red blazer  ideally something like the cut of this long navy blazer I love so much  but until I find that I'm happy to stick with this red number!

              Wearing: Pull & Bear blazer   |  Adidas t-shirt  |  Zara embroidered ripped jeans  |  Converse sneakers  |  Backpack from Myeongdong, Seoul

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              1.12.17 .

              My family and I had loadsss of fun at this event. While the installation was nowhere near as thoughtful as the artworks I saw at Yayoi Kusama's exhibition in Singapore (not that I'm an expert, I need plaques to tell me so tbh), it was still a little reminiscent of that exhibition in the sense that people just want to feast their eyes on pretty things and have fun photographing (and selfie-ing with) them!

                Nowadays events that can result in eye-pleasing visuals undeniably have the power to attract crowds; we live in a digital age where lots of people strive to decorate their social media pages, after all! As someone who loves sharing images on this blog and Instagram (not that I think my images are exceptionally pretty, I just like sharing photos!) I happen to think it's a positive pastime to have, so an event like Arts & Lights is right up my alley.

                    All these are shots I took around the "interactive" exhibition, using both my Samsung point-and-shoot and iPhone 7 plus, taken by moi, Shah, and my younger sister Rina  hope you like them!

                    This Arts & Lights has been extended until 24 December so if you're in PJ area, do check it out (but don't forget to register first)!

                    If you haven't already followed me on Instagram, look for @theliyanaaris and follow me ❤